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 Pine Canyon Homes is able to finish your basement with quality features at a competitive rate due to our secure relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors.  Our building partners will meet our schedule and offer us better rates because of our ongoing relationship.  We know which sub-contractors do the work right.  We can help home owners avoid being taken advantage of by “poor” subcontractors.   

Home owners that do all the work on their own are only able to save as little $5 for every hour they spend.   Experienced contractors do the work much faster and their years of experience is seen in the quality.  Homeowner basement projects can drag on for several months—or years and cause family stress.  When the work is done incorrectly, it lowers the home value, opens the door for future problems, and leads to complications when the home is sold.

Pine Canyon Homes will do the work quickly and the quality will meet or exceed the quality of your current home. 

What would it take to make your basement the favorite part of your family’s home?


A Home Theater                                 A Custom Fireplace

A Game Room                                    A Craft Room

An Exercise Room                              A Playhouse

Extra Storage

 Owen work out room   Owen Kitchen   Zdunich pool table   Owen Theater

 Korth Fireplace   Dunn Storage   009   Boyd Laundry