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We have had a lot of people interested in Hardie Plank exterior siding. Hardie Plank is a great option for your exterior.  Most people are drawn to it for options of bright colors and decorative trim work.  It is also a great option because it will not rot or attract termites.  The maintenance is relatively low but it will require painting after 10-20 years.  The paint does hold up well because Hardie Plank is made of cement fiber board which resists paint peeling.  Hardie Plank gets its name from the predominant manufacture, James Hardie.  There are several other brands to choose from.  The technical name is fiber cement board.

Gailey FrontCommon styles are lap siding, board and bat with vertical lines or a variety of styles of shingle siding.  The cost of Hardie Plank is generally just higher than stucco, but not as much as rock or brick.  Some home owners will use Hardie Plank for their entire home while others will do just the front to save money.  It is also a great look to just use Hardie Plank for architectural accents. Here are some homes we have done in the last couple of years with Hardie Plank exteriors.

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