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Home Builder

Pine Canyon Homes is great choice for building your new home.  Our customers get individual attention directly from the owners of the company.  We will be on the job making sure that your home is built right, with the features you selected.  You will not get the run around from secretaries, sales people or unexperienced superintendents.

We have built hundreds of homes over the years, including starter homes, large custom homes, condos and parade homes.   We have also worked in the individual trades so we understand the science of home construction.  Our experience began with college degrees in construction management.  We continue to learn through involvement in the home builders association and working with quality subcontractors who excel in their fields.

We can meet and discuss these important aspects of your home.

  • Function  – What are your needs and preferences?  How big do you want the rooms to be? How much storage area is best for you?  What are your interests?
  • Value Engineering – What design features can be modified to give you more for your money.
  • Quality – What changes can be made to lower home maintenance and upkeep or to avoid problems in the future?  What features are worth the extra cost?
  • Green Building – What are your options for making your home more energy-efficient?  How will they effect your comfort and your energy costs?
  • High Tech – What are some of the features you can add to your home to take advantage of new technology.
  • Design – What can you do to put all the colors and syles together to create a home that blends and looks great.
  • Procedures – What is the best way for us to communicate with you?  How often do you want updates?  We will also let you know what to expect concerning financial deadlines and a building timeline.


At Pine Canyon Homes, we understand that your home is the biggest investment that you will ever make.  Our motto is  “Enjoy it Now!”  This means we want to build you a  home that will make life more enjoyable, and we want you to enjoy the building process.

If you live in Utah or Salt Lake County call Pine Canyon Homes today and we will meet with you and and start making plans for your new home.  Now is the time to make your dreams come true.

Utah’s favorite Home Builder!